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Soundcloud – Silent Pursuit ambience music


I do believe that life is to short to waste your time, that’s right and I am keen to this saying since I was a little.  To hunt everything I believe in and never give up or back down. I believe in chasing your dreams. When we think about the future, we’re thinking about our dreams. Giving up on your dreams is like giving up on life. Silent Pursuit!

It seems like a waste of time if you don’t have any far-fetched achievements you have in mind. No matter what others say how ridiculous your dreams might seem to you, it’s never okay to just throw them out the window and set aside and just live. What is there to live for if you’re just living each day because you have you?

Guys, I have more than enough dreams to count and each and every day in my life I remind myself to strive for the best and fulfill every single desire I want to achieve in silent because for me doing things you love in silence will give you 100% success right because none will interrupt your doings. Bruh, just keep on chasing in silent and everybody will be proud no matter what. Be a silent Chaser!

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