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Lazada Unboxing – EPever MPPT Solar Charge Controller


Hello guys! My package from LAZADA has arrived. I will try to be more detailed as possible. There are lots of things to explain and consider in this video. What I learned from this installation of a solar power setup, is very important as a start building your solar powered home. To give you an idea, there are lots of consideration that must be established before you buy your solar power components and also before you start tinkering with it. I learned a lot from this project as I commit a few mistakes that I will share with you.

And now the climax of this video. The most stupid and reckless action I did which nearly caused my heart to beat infinitely. Because as what you see, having a hard time making the solar charge controller work in the 24V system, with on using the panel as parallel which I assume to have at least 18-20V yet with greater amperage. Little did I know before making research that I must have greater input voltage from panel to be able to charge 24V system.

So, I need to make the 2 solar panels 18V 100W into series, making it same 100W yet with higher voltage, which is about 36V – 40V at peak sunlight. But it seems that it is too late for me, I did blow up the fuse of the Solar charge controller when I uncarefully plug the opposite polarity from my battery to charge controller. I have two options, to just refund the item from LAZADA or open the item and check if there is a fuse that can be replaced.

Of course, I want to use the product immediately as possible. So I did open the product and found 2 busted 40Amp fuses. I’m a little bit calm now yet not fully assures until this solar charge controller work again. So, I go out and find 2 40Amp fuses and a socket for it like one that can be found on the car. Because I don’t want to solder the fuse like what manufacturing did. I want the fuse to be replaceable. Yes, I know I can buy a proper Battery fuse for this yet currently I don’t have the budget that’s why I don’t have.

So, please always remember to always prepare your custom protection for all of your components, especially the components that are exposed to high amperage. But after some wiggling soldering iron and wet hands working on the problem. I manage to make the item work again! Yahoo! Yet, lesson learned, now temporarily, I did tape the negative end of wire just to always remind me that its the negative polarity and another one without tape is positive.

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