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ERPat HR InfoSys and Payroll Automation Software


Efficiently managing human resources is crucial for organizational success. ERPat System is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline HR operations and simplify workforce management. In this SEO-optimized blog post, we will explore the powerful features and functionalities of ERPat System, including time tracking, leave management, employee records, department management, and scheduling. Discover how ERPat System can revolutionize your HR processes, enhance productivity, and promote growth.

Section 1: Time Tracking and Attendance Management
  • Streamline time tracking and attendance management with ERPat System.
  • Ensure accurate payroll calculations and compliance with labor regulations.
  • Improve workforce efficiency through automated time tracking.
Section 2: Simplify Leave Management and Time-off Tracking
  • Efficiently manage employee leave with ERPat’s automated leave management system.
  • Track leave credits, approve or reject requests, and generate comprehensive reports.
  • Enhance workforce planning and optimize productivity through effective time-off tracking.
Section 3: Centralize Employee Records and Streamline Department Management
  • Utilize ERPat System as a centralized repository for employee records.
  • Efficiently manage personal details, employment history, and performance reviews.
  • Streamline department management, assignments, and communication.
Section 4: Efficient Scheduling and Holiday Management


  • Simplify employee scheduling and optimize shift coverage with ERPat System.
  • Streamline holiday management and ensure accurate holiday pay calculations.
  • Improve workforce planning and enhance employee satisfaction.

The key milestones in the history of HRIS

If your business is currently using outdated DTR (Daily Time Record) systems or generic biometric devices that only capture time in and time out, it may not be leveraging the growth potential it truly deserves. Managing human resources and payroll processes can be challenging, and ensuring error-free procedures is crucial. Just imagine manually processing time records such as employees' worked hours, late arrivals, extended breaks, undertime, and meticulously calculating contributions like SSS, PAGIBIG, PhilHealth, HMO, loans, tax dues, and more. Not only that, but your payroll team also needs to consider night differentials, overtime, and holidays, which often involve complex calculations, including overlapping time. Additionally, tracking employee leaves and maintaining disciplinary logs and actions can be time-consuming. This is just the beginning. Message us to learn more and discover how our advanced solutions can streamline your HR and payroll processes. As we always say, redundant tasks are not meant for humans but for silicon chips that can execute instructions at a speed of one billion per Gigahertz.
Caezar De Castro II
CEO -BytesCrafter

ERPat System offers a comprehensive solution to streamline workforce management and enhance HR operations. From time tracking and attendance management to leave management, employee records, department management, scheduling, and holiday management, ERPat System simplifies HR processes and promotes organizational growth. Embrace the power of ERPat System and unlock enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in your HR operations. Streamline workforce management and experience the transformative benefits of ERPat System  today. Contact us to learn more and start optimizing your HR processes

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