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Getting Started Making Games as Game Developer – Part 1

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This is probably the most common reason of all time. Money… Money… Money… Yet, we should not escape the fact that every moves on this earth need funds to keep on going. Maybe that the main reason why this is the most common one. But always remember that you should focus more on how will you make your games SHINE form the list of existing game which is build either by big companies or just a person like you.


This is the least likely to happen. Mostly, this only apply to investors and owner of the studio. Of course, all of us want to be in a book or even in article. This might be a positive reason but please don’t be too busy on focusing to have this one. Like the first one, focused on making your games cool and awesome.


This is the most common reason why some want to start game development. Some will say that they have this greatest idea that everyone will not resist to play it. Trust me, that will not every time happen. In fact Angry Bird is not that good that it became viral. You should plan and understand why gamer play a game. Establishing a target audience is the best thing to do before you start making games.

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Start small at First.

Many beginner on game development is when they start, first thing to come on their mind is – I WILL MAKE THE BEST GAME! Well, including myself encounter this and to tell you, DONT BE A CHILD. I’m not saying that we should not be optimistic on our projects. Yes it is good to have but sometimes, it may take us into a road blocks when we cannot add more or continue project because we are lack on something. Either we can’t successfully implement our features or lacking on assets. Trust me, please do START SMALL.

Prepared for long hours.

Nowadays, learning new things without going to school is getting more easier than the old days. Why? because of all the person like wanting to provide entertainment or tools for productivity as a software programmer. We can now easily learn just by searching on Google or if you are a visual person, you can always watch related tutorials on YouTube. And when through time, your being familiar with the code you are learning. Stack Overflow will now be useful as search for an instant answer for fixing answer and related code implementation.

Don't get bias on your ideas.

Really, this is the biggest problem and wrong doings as a beginner or intermediate game developer. We are so positively driven that we are better from other that we don’t tend to learn more and more as we develop games. I’m not saying that we should be negatively aspired, but wanting to let you know that learning programming is an endless journey. Very software and related technology is frequently updating and you should too. You don’t want to be making games using obsolete tools and techniques.

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1. Workflow Familiarity.

Here, you should established your preferred working environment. What software to use that you think can offer more features and capability through time. You can learn more HERE. Then make your final decision whether where should you published or make a release of your game which is properly introduce HERE. Practice just by making a simple game even if the game mechanics it is similar from other existing game. After that, published your game and by doing that two things, you introduced yourself to your tested workflow.

2. Understand the System.

Now that we the grasp on the proper work flow of what we will going to do in our daily lives as a full time or part time game developer. What you need to do next is to keep on learning and reading related source code. You should always learn as no person ever have memorized the whole syntax of one programming language. By doing this, we also maintain our based knowledge on game development.

3. Related Technologies.

You are now familiar with the flow and system. Is this the end of game developer evolution? No! as here we should also STAY UP TO DATE on related technologies. Of course, the developer of our chosen framework or engine on making games is always improving and adding more features on the core. The best thing to do now is to subscribe to their blog or release log on what they will be adding or removing.

This are the three stages of game developer evolution. As a game developer for almost four years, I am always hungry on more tricks and techniques to optimized my work flow. We should never stop learning or else we will be left behind by those who always want to learn related skills.

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