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Purchases & Refunds

As of the moment, we only support Paypal which is the most secured online payment in the world. During the payment process, the site is redirected to PayPal which ensures your data security.
Refunds are most likely to be processed in just a week to fully address the whole situation. You can always contact us on our contact page.
We are always finding more ways to make this site more inviting assets and not a business. Yet, bare with us as we are currently on the developmental stage towards of being a fully matured developers community site.

Tutorials & Assets

Good thing that you've asked. The reason why the tutorial page is currently blank is that we are currently preparing all the necessary content, a good quality content. Even if most of the content is for free, we are eager to make it a perfect one.
Yes, you can! You are very welcome to post your content here, whether its a tutorial or an assets as long as you want to share it with others or even make money with it in our affiliates program.
Here on Bytes Crafter, we focused on equal sharing principles. That's why we have our commission rate to eye-catching 49%! We are still on the process of discussing more unbiased and unselfish program so stay tuned for more.

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