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    WORK IN PROGRESS : Unity Multiplayer Server
    WordPress Plugin v0.1.0

    If you have experience on using Unity Multiplayer or Photon, then you can count on USocketNet but with lots of additional features such as real-time web admin for your server instances.

    Real-time Websocket Server:
    > NodeJS for server and Apache for WP.
    > Load Balance and Proxy with Nginx.
    > WordPress WebAdmin and Frontend.
    > Multi server instance with PM2.

    NOTE: WebGL is not currently supported on v0.9.6 pre-release. But we are giving assurance that it will be included in the final release.

    ANNOUNCEMENT: USocketNet will be having a FREE public server for your multiplayer games or any chat application. But, the complete project is also for sale on our assets store for only $12 with 6 month FREE developer support.

    More Info:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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