Having problem with retrieving data from database

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    I have so far followed your tutorial for creating database in sql , done the same things for making database file in Unity. On building it is also validating the null validation but it isn’t authenticating data from localhost. I think i have some problem with with layout the login form, if you have done something extra withe layout, Please Help Us 🙁


    If you used the package that is available from our assets store, it should not have any extra implementations. Now,

    do you receieved any callback when you click login? such as failed, error, etc. if yes, you are actually connecting on the database server, yet problem with authenticating either by database or your database. now miving on on in unity, use localhost as target server if you are developing this local or using xampp, mampp, etc.

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    It is not giving me any call back and i am following your tutorial for making login page for mobile app using unity.


    Just to make things easier, you can download our PHP MySQL with Unity assets here which will include php server files and unity package HERE. Also you can try to study php code here used in the tutorial: HERE

    I cant exactly pinpoint the problem if I dont have the concrete details of your deployment. But I am willing to assist you. My advice is to first try the asset provided, it is free for educational purposes. Just a note, if you are using localhost, use that to connect and make sure to include the subfolder. Apology for delayed reply, been busy doing some minor updates to the site.



    your PHP MySQL with Unity assets is not free of download so that’s why i cant understand the unity layout in your project .
    please help me to resolve these issue


    What do you mean its not a free download?
    Please do check the link sir: https://www.bytes-crafter.com/assets/project/php-mysql-with-unity-tutorial-project/
    I CAN GUARANTEE YOU ITS TOTALLY FREE. You will just have to check out BUT without any payment transaction. Anyways, sir, I’ll be happy to assist you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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