Developing games or application on mobile, you can use the google play game services. Yet, the bad part is that it is only available on mobile. The advantage of having your own database is that you can use it on many platforms that have an access to the internet. So, as of now, we are currently making ways to minimized implementation for developers. May I invite you to our newest release of DataVice that will be hosted on our site, don’t worry its FREE. The idea is to have a unified database for your mobile and other platforms and also you can check for all the players currently registered and active. Please check the link and email us if you have any comments or suggestions. You know, the advantage of a database is limitless.

It really depends on how you used it but for general purpose. You used the database for saving and loading player preference/progress, For example, you can save your player level, experience, etc. and also, if you want to contact your player such as email ad, and another thing is when you want to see stats of your game. There is so many application for the database, what you need is to think like a player. It also brings loyalty from the players as their progress can continue, just by sharing, we are almost done with the “United Database”, which in our mind, we want to deploy our games in multi-platform to have a greater chance of having more players.