Being an indie game developer can be bit tricky and success probability is too low. Of course, the greatest factor that we must consider to be able to continue what we do as a game developer. is that we must earn from what we do. The most common way of doing it is publishing a game in an app store. But we always dream of having a game on a site which doesn’t require a download to earn.

What you need to do is published your game with a decent description and title and we’ll handle all other technical stuff like SEO, TERMS, ETC. Just make your game awesome as our partner. So, we are preparing a website feature where an indie game developer can publish their own WebGL games or apps in our server. Now, the most exciting part! Your games will have its own page here.

How to Earn

We would like to give thanks to Google Adsense team for approving our site to cater their ads. With this honor, we can easily share our vision towards online business for startups and indies. Starting from content writer and indie game developers, we will one by one offers everyone a capacity to earn from their intellectual property. Anybody who has genuine content, assets, games, etc. must have an easy access towards earning from it and that is our vision.

Your games as if was a video on YouTube but instead of a video, it will be your WebGL games. Also, it will have its own comment area and the most important ingredient: Google Adsense ads which will give you an opportunity to earn from your games.

Investors are Welcome

For those who are interested to participate on this project, we invite you to email us on our official email address on footer or header. Investors are also welcome to take part or have shared. We are flexible enough that we focus more on the success not only on profits. The idea is to give what other want or I should say NEED. Anyone can also support without any finance just by registering to our site and let us be filled with your presence.

This new website feature is under development and thorough pre-release testing. Stay tuned for more updates, also consider registering to our site to received notification for new features.